Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekly Stills

The asparagus popped up

Poppy and Tom went to see The Wiggles 

Five baby chicks hatched

They collected pine cones

Potatoes grew

He played in the washing

She posted her letters to Santa

We enjoyed morning walks

We did some Christmas crafting

Papa had a birthday.

Another fantastic, full on week. Tommy is still away working, so it's even more full on with all three kiddies on my own. We had a fun weekend with Poppy going to The Wiggles and she was so excited to get a few mentions through the show due to her sign and photos he sent Emma Wiggle before hand.

We also got in early this year and posted our letters to Santa which has gotten us in the Christmas mood, every year Christmas gets better and better for us with the twins starting to understand what is actually going on.

Happy Monday! xx

Sunday, November 16, 2014


A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014

Alexis, Rory and Poppy: Playing in the washing.

Joining in with Jodi.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christmas paper and bows.

 I have finally come to terms with the fact Christmas is just around the corner and have started getting some bits and pieces ready. I always love having the children paint large rolls of brown or white paper in Christmas colors for wrapping paper and this year is no different.

Today we used A3 paper, as its a great size for lots of smaller presents and not so messy to handle, as they can sit at a table and paint and stamp away (as apposed to the large rolls of paper we usually roll out on the grass)

Rory and Alexis used cookie cutter shapes and some milk bottle lids to stamp away till their hearts content.

While their beautiful creations dried we worked on some pretty paper bows to top our presents, templates are easy to find and even easier to follow but the one we used is here.

Overall I'm happy with how our pretty presents turned out and I have lot of paper to get me started on gifts for Christmas.

Now to start my Christmas shopping.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekly Stills

He picked flowers.

We made traffic light jelly.

She helped me garden.

 We tried to green juice our colds away (it hasn't worked)

We played at our local bike safety center.

We enjoyed more salads.

We crafted crowns.

We picked peonies.

We have had a lovely week with the days heating up.

Tommy being away all week for work has made the days quiet long with all three children being a bit sick, but the sunny days made up for it.

Tommy heads off for the week again tomorrow, but we have a few things to break the week up which should make the time fly.

I can't believe it's getting so close to Christmas, where did the year go? 

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? We will be doing some Christmas crafting in no time so keep an eye out for some posts.

Happy Sunday! x


A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014

Alexis: Dad's girl.
Rory: Protesting against me wanting a photo.
Poppy: On her bike again, it's had to catch her off it these days.

Joining in with Jodi.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Traffic Light Biscuits

We are heading to our local bike safety center tomorrow for a play, so the perfect snack has to be these great Traffic light biscuits. They are easy and quick to make, and will store for about two weeks in an air tight container, (I doubt there will be any left over though).

What you'll need:
125g butter, room temperature
1/2 cup caster sugar
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 2/3 cups plain flour
Green, Orange (or yellow) and Red boiled lollies (or lifesavers) 

What to do:

Place butter and sugar in a large bowl. Beat with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Add egg and vanilla. Beat until combined. 

Add flour to butter mixture. Using your hands, mix to form a smooth dough. Turn dough out and shape into a rectangle. Cover and refrigerate for 15 minutes.

Roll dough between two sheets of baking paper to form a rectangle. Cut smaller rectangles the size you want your 'traffic lights' to be, using a small cutter (or I used the bottom of a clean texta) to make circles for where the 'lights' will go. Lay biscuits on two oven trays lined with baking paper.

Cook, one tray at a time, in a moderate oven (180C) for about 10 minutes, or until lightly golden. Place one (I made small biscuits so I chopped up my lollies in quarters, to fit in the smaller holes) green, orange and red lolly in holes of each biscuit. Return to oven for about 3 minutes, or until lollies have melted. Let cool in tray as putting on a wire rack will make the lollies sink through the bottom hole.

Enjoy! xx

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I have been following Alex's "No spend November" over at her blog, so I have been looking for some crafts to do that are no cost, and these sweet little crowns were perfect.

As someone that loves crafting, I had all the materials laying around the house so the craft didn't cost me a cent.

We cut out our little crowns from toilet roll cylinders. 

Sprayed them with some different colors I had sitting in the shed.

Added different size elastics so the crowns will fit different toys, teddies and of course the children.

Then my very uncooperative models let me take a few photos.

Then we set up a tea party for our toys and their lovely crowns, unfortunately I couldn't take photos of said tea party as juggling 3 year old twins, teddies, dolly's, crowns, biscuits, pikelets, jam, milk and a camera is impossible. 

These crowns would be perfect sprayed pink for a gorgeous princess themed birthday party or even making them a bit smaller for cupcake toppers.

So there you have it, an easy, fun craft that didn't cost a cent!

Happy Wednesday. xx