Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sundae box

Tommy and I recently headed away for three nights. We had only been away from the children a handful of times, and I usually leave a little surprise for them to enjoy (and perhaps to lower my guilt levels).

As they stayed with my Mum at our house the first night, I thought I would leave them a little box of goodies to make some ice cream sundaes after their dinner.

I printed some labels and pretty ice cream themed paper and lined a cute little catering box I had. Then I filled it with ice magic (yum!), jubes, white chocolate buttons, sprinkles, smarties and a bright ice cream scoop ($2 K-Mart).

I left a little note inside to say I had bought them rainbow ice cream that was in the freezer and some whipped cream will be in the fridge. What more could you want for a delicious Sundae.

I also printed off some dot to dots, word finds, and other fun activities to hide in their luggage for when they stayed at their other Gran's house.

The sundae boxes were a big hit and they hardly even missed us in between all the fun.

Happy Tuesday!! x

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Camping 2017

Summer time means camping adventures for our family. We are so set up with fridges, campers, a shower, and other 'glamping' goodies that it makes it so easy to load up the four wheel drive and head away for a few nights.

Last Thursday we headed off a night earlier than our friends to secure 'our spot' in the Bellingham Dunes. It was nice to have a night with just our family, and it was so lovely and warm we even went for a late night swim.

Santa was very generous this year and the amount of bikes our group takes seems to grow every year, which the children love riding around our large camp site, but there are also some great tracks around the area for the grown ups. 

The beaches at Bellingham are just beautiful, most of the time we are the only ones having a swim and a play, with bikes and 4x4's coming past every now and then, heading to the dunes or fishing for the day.

The tides are quiet extreme at Bellingham, which means you have to pick the time of day you need to get in and out to the beach and camping spots, as there is a river crossing that needs to be crossed at low tide, especially when towing trailers and campers. This means there is always lots of weird and wonderful things washed up on the beach, we are always amazed at how much sea sponge and cuttlefish is washed up.

We found lots of baby Christmas beetles this year, which we have never noticed before. 

This year we had seven families camping in our group, with 11 kiddies ranging from 8 years old to 11 months old. All the kids love playing with each other and it's beautiful to watch them all looking out for each other and sharing their toys happily.

The kids thought I was crazy for getting out to take a selfie with some calves on a day trip into Bridport.

This year we added a new set of camping bunks to our load, they were a big hit with the kids, and saved us so much room. All the kids had a night sleeping on the top bunk.

The funniest part of our trip was the LT50 motorbike races, the Dads, kids and Mum's all had races, my sides were aching from laughing so much.

I think one of my favorites parts of camping is that first bath when we get home, lots of mud, dirt and salt from the last five days washed down the drain.

What have you been doing in the first few days of 2017?

Happy New Year! I hope it's a good one. xx

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

After school swims.

After school swims are what the kids live for at the moment.

When it's hard to get out of bed in the morning, on these last few days of school, I entice them with an after school swim.

When I pick up the twins from Kinder, and they are hot and whinging from another big day, I turned their mood around with the news we are heading to the pool. 

They strip off and change into their bathers faster than a toupee disappearing in the wind.

Then it's straight in, jumping, floating, racing, hand standing and giggling.

I hear "Mum, watch me" a million times and on the really hot days, I hop in and join in on the fun.

When it's time to get out they always want a few more minutes, which is fine, who am I to cut their happy time short?

But dinner, washing and organising for the next day calls,

So eventually we must leave, with promises that we'll be back again soon.

How lucky are my three that their Granny and Papa let them swim when their hearts content.

How good is being a kid!

Happy Summer. xx