Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Thursday last week I had to travel down South to Hobart to have a PET scan as a follow up after my Melanoma removal. It takes 2 hours to drive from my home to Hobart and the PET scan takes about 4 hours in total. As it was the last day of term one for Poppy we decided she would take the day off and our family would make a mini holiday out of it and stay in Hobart for a couple of nights.

We had a few things we really wanted to do in Hobart, meet up with my brother and his husband, do a little shopping and the children had been asking if we could go to the 'Sushi Train' for weeks. Other than that, we were happy to see where the days took us.

While I was at my PET scan, I was injected with some radioactive dye and was unable to be around children for a few hours, so instead of coming to my appointment, Tom took the children to do some activities for a few hours.
When driving into Hobart we had seen a huge cruise ship docked at the wharf, the children were amazed at how huge is was and loved the look of the pools and huge water slides on board, so Tom took them over for a look. They then headed to the Hobart museum, which happened to have a great children's exposition on, so there was plenty for them to see and do.

 On Friday, we didn't have any set plans and starting looking for something to fill our day, we planned to head to a nearby beach for a walk, to the shops to find some Winter boots for Poppy and as it was such a beautiful Autumns day I looked at perhaps a boat ride out on Hobart's river Derwent.

After a short search, we decided to head to the famous MONA museum and to travel there on the 'MONA ROMA' boat, it would be about a 15 minute ride each way and we would stop at the museum for about an hour, perfect.

As we were riding in 'cattle class', we sat with the gorgeous sheep and cow on board, which the children absolutely loved.

We traveled under the Tasman bridge (my children call it the 'dinosaur' bridge) and the Bowen bridge, which was great, as we had driven over them so many times but never been under them.

Tom and I had been to MONA museum before so we knew that there was some exhibits not really appropriate for children, so we avoided those and showed them some of the more family friendly exhibits, such as the water fall of words, the huge snake wall and the trampoline outside with huge bells attached.

The glass lift was also a great attraction for the children, me on the other hand, I took the stairs.

We then walked down the 99 stairs back to the ferry and had another great trip home.

On Saturday we headed to the Salamanca market for some breakfast and a wander around, the girls loved all the gorgeous jewelry and dresses where Rory was more interested in the music and food. 

After a little feast in the park, we headed back home to Launceston with our arms full or fresh fruit and a few new trinkets.

The perfect little family get away to start the Term holidays off.

For the rest of the holidays, we won't be getting out much, I have a lot of jobs to do around home, and with a few play dates booked, some Dr's appointments, hair cuts for the kid and the usual catch up jobs, I'm sure the weeks will fly by. 

I love having my three home through the day, and spending time reading, cooking, playing and going for walks. Perfect.

Happy Holidays! xx

Sunday, April 3, 2016


I'm having trouble making plans for our huge back and front yard at our new home, there is just so much space and it's a bit overwhelming. These isn't much to work with, some very old garden beds that would need completely re-soiling if we were to keep them and a few high fire bushes which will do for now. 

I have been putting off buying plants as I'm not sure where I want everything to go yet, but today I made a bit of a start with the very sad looking hydrangea, which is hidden under another bush in the drive way. I love the hydrangea flowers and would like to add a few of the colorful bushes to our yard. 

I haven't grown anything from clippings so after a google search I was an expert in no time. I had some potting mix in the shed and a few old pots, I was a bit enthusiastic with my three pots, because I barely got two cuttings from my sad old hydrangea (it probably didn't help that Tommy attacked it with the hedge trimmers recently).

My Google search told me to trim the bottom leaves, leaving two on the top and cutting them side ways (definitely not length ways).

After potting them in some moist soil I made a little hot house for them out of some freezer bags and straws.

These two should be rooted and propagation complete in two to four weeks, If I remember to keep the soil moist.

That was easy enough (if they work), so I will have to go and raid some friends and families gardens for some more cuttings soon. I plan on grabbing a cutting from the apple tree hanging over the fence too.

Do you grow from cuttings? Any tips would be welcome.

Happy Sunday x

Thursday, March 31, 2016


With Easter falling a little earlier this year, we figured we could squeeze in another camping trip before the weather gets too cold. It was a great excuse to get some more use out of the motor bikes and spend the holiday with great friends.

We chose some where different from our usual spot, which can be hard to do, as there is usually six or more families and it can be hard to find a great spot that we all fit in and is suitable for the bikes, 4x4's and buggy.

Griffin Park, which is about a 10 minute drive from the tiny town of Mathinna, has many large camping spots by the beautiful river, which in the Summer is perfect for a swim.

The boys had planned a motorbike ride through some logging tracks to another small town called Pyengana which would take them about 4 hours and the girls and children took the 4x4's and navigated our way (not an easy task) to Pyengana in about an hour. The little town is famous for it's beautiful cheese factory and little "Pub in the Paddock" where we all met up for lunch.

It is a pretty popular ride and the place was full of dirt bike groups who had all made the trip for the day.

The pub is also famous for it's pig "Priscilla" who loves a beer specially brewed for her.

On Easter morning it was so special to have all 11 children wake up to a magical Easter wonderland, The Easter bunny had made the biggest hunt and it was lovely to see the bigger children help the little ones collect their eggs and show them what it was all about.

I remember coming to Griffin park when I was Poppy's age and riding motorbikes and hunting for easter eggs, so it was so special to now be sharing these memories with my own family and making new memories that will last a life time.

 The mornings were so cold, and one morning there was even a frost, but with a large camp fire, a few layers of clothes and a warm camp coco we were thawed out in no time and it wasn't long before the sun came up and dried everything out.

It was another great few days away, and even though I'm still washing bedding and packing away, I'm looking forward to more camping adventures at the end of the year when the weather warms up again.

Did you get away for Easter?