Sunday, April 9, 2017

Parent Help

 I love going into my children's classrooms and seeing how they are learning, playing and enjoying the school year. 

This week I was lucky enough to head off on two excursions as a parent helper. 

On Wednesday I tagged along with the twins and their Prep class to the Launceston Gorge. They are learning about living and non-living things, and this was the perfect place to find lots of beautiful things in nature that were living and to explore the Gorge.

It was great to see my two spend time with their friends and be keen little learners. It was also funny to see them spend most of their time apart, both have their own group of friends and are happy to be apart for most of their school day.

Then on Friday I headed with the Grade 3's into town to do a bit of a History tour and have a tour of the town hall. The highlight was when Poppy was chosen to play the Mayor in their mock meeting, she got to sit in the Mayors special chair, use the mallet and wear the Mayors chains.


We then walked to the City Park for lunch, a play and to find some items on their history scavenger hunt.

I'm so lucky to be able to have the time to share these days with my children and that so far they are happy for me to tag along.

We've have had a great first term of school this year, but we are all counting down (three more school days) until holidays when we can have a break from early school mornings, packed lunches, sharing, library books, readers, and all the other madness that comes along with school days.

Happy Sunday! xx

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bruny Island

Over the long weekend our family decided to get away to Bruny Island for three nights. We have been there before, but were looking forward to going back and exploring some more now the children were bigger.

The children were really looking forward to putting our car and camper on the ferry and taking the 15 minute ride to the small island.

When we finally got to our camping spot, on a friends property with it's own amazing private beach, the kids were straight in the water.

When we first arrived on Friday the weather was amazing, but turned over night into a overcast rainy day on Saturday, which meant a few boats anchored in our little bay for the night to get out of the wind.

Lifting the rocks and finding crabs, shells and star fish was great fun, bringing the shells back to wash and keep in little collections.

On the drizzly Saturday we headed to the Bruny Island light house, which has some of the most amazing views, making you feel like you are at the very bottom of the world.

After the light house we headed to The Neck look out, if you've been to Bruny then you have been to this look out, it's a little work out to get up all those steps but the amazing views are well worth the climb.

We then headed to the pub for lunch, I had heard amazing things about the meals here, inparticular the seafood platter for two, which did not disappoint, so much delicious seafood and beautifully presented, they even had a kids corner which kept everyone very happy.

We cooked our meals on the camp fire, made ciabatta in the camp oven, lots of fish and fresh chips on the BBQ.

Sunday was drizzly again, so we did some more exploring, heading to the berry farm for some amazing ice cream and Bruny Island Cheese, Bread and Beer for all of the above.

The best part was spending loads of time with family, we are so busy coming and going lately that we hardly get time to enjoy each other, the children loved going out in the boat and catching lots of fish and then eating their catch just hours later.

Happy days. xx