Monday, August 3, 2015


Alexis - 
The youngest in our family, she keeps us all on our toes, she often tells me her plan is to be "crazy for the day", and she is just that. I don't know how my girl can function off so little sleep and she is always "huuuuuunnnngry", she would out-eat anyone in our family, It's like she sees our enormous fruit bowl as a challenge each day and slowly works through it. She is a real "Dad's girl" and squeals with excitement when he comes home of an evening.
Likes: Dancing, horses, mandarins, singing, sausages, mister maker.
Dislikes: Cake, chocolate, sleeping, having her hair done, driving up steep hills.

Rory -
My cuddle little boy, he tells me he loves me and smothers me in cuddles about a million times a day, he loves to wrestle with his poor sisters, play cars for hours and sleep, boy does he love to sleep, he only needs to look at the car to fall asleep and is always the first to sleep of a night and the last to get up. Rory is the best sharer in our family, if he was given one treat and one of the girls asked for it, he would give it away without any question.
Likes: Puzzles, cars, hats, blackberry jam, yogurt, paw patrol, sleeping.
Dislikes: Sweet potato, sitting still, late nights, juice.

Poppy -
My grown up girl, she recently lost her front tooth and I can't look at her as my little girl anymore, she looks so much more grown up, I feel like I hardly ever see her, with sleep overs with friends, school, parties and extra activities our time together has changed dramatically since it was her and I at home every day just a few years ago. She loves to cuddle, have one on one time with everyone and could not be a better big sister to those pesky little twins, who are constantly getting into her things. 
Likes: Sushi, dresses, motorbikes, dancing, reading, maths, writing.
Dislikes: Going to bed, getting out of the shower, sausages, jeans, the twins getting in to her room.

Friday, July 31, 2015


Last weekend we headed to the snow for the night, and when I say "we" I mean Tom and I, that's right, not a child in site. Poppy had a sleep over party and the twins were being spoilt rotten by Granny and Papa for the night.
 We had been planning the night away for awhile with a great group of friends, many of who were also child free for the first time, or the first time in a long time.

We headed up to beautiful Ben Lomond for the "Ben Lomond Bender" a themed party held once a year by the Ski Club.. The theme this year was Halloween so Tommy went as an old man (complete with shaving the top of his hair off!!) and I went as a witch (check out my shoes here). We got up the mountain just before lunch and was delighted to see snow, as it can be a bit unpredictable in Tasmania.

We played around in the snow, played games, drank wine and ate cheese in the warm chalet.

Even though the kids would have loved all the snow, it was nice not having to worry about keeping little people warm, fed, changed, entertained, safe.

It was an awesome night, and with a fairly good nights sleep (a little late to bed though) I was refreshed to get back to the day to day, and plan to take the kids to the snow very soon.

Happy Friday!! x

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ashlea, Beau and Hugo

I recently completed this gorgeous couples maternity session.
Their beautiful pup Hugo also joined in on the action, and was the perfect model. I can not wait to find out if it's a baby boy or baby girl in that beautiful bump. 

Good luck with the last few weeks of pregnancy Ashlea. x

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Witches shoes

On the weekend I'm heading to a Halloween themed party and thought I would share with you the shoes I made for my witches outfit.

I bought these shoes from the op-shop for $3.50 and was stoked because I was sure they wouldn't have any to fit my big hoofs but these were the perfect size and shape.

From a cereal box I cut some little spikes to go on the back and two pointed sections to go over the top of my foot, I hot glued these on. I made the points of the shoes longer by rolling up some news paper and hot gluing them on.

I then covered the entire outside of the shoes in masking tape as I wanted them to be black and the red suede would have soaked up all the spray paint. 

I spray painted a few coats of black on and they were starting to look great. The masking tape would soon be covered in glitter.

I cut two 'buckles' from cardboard and painted them red.

I then painted the shoes, buckles and some paper I was going to make into straps with pva and sprinkled with a bucket load of glitter.

I then hot glued everything on with some plastic spiders for a bit of extra decoration.

I'm really happy with how they turned out and can't wait to get dressed up on the weekend!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Flower bands

According to Poppy, all fairy princess' should have flowers in their hair. 

As there is only so many daisy chains this Mumma can make, I decided to get a little crafty and make something more permanent.

Some head bands, fake flowers and ivy on wire, a little imagination and hey presto!, a fairy princess is born. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

School Holiday Fun - Juggling Balls

School holidays are officially upon us, and unfortunately the weather isn't looking to good. Lucky I have been stocking up my crafting cupboard and have a few activities up my shelve.

I remember making these juggling balls with my brother and sister when I was little, sometimes we would make a huge bunch and sell them at our local market on the weekend. 

Today we made just enough for everyone to have a play. Poppy (Six), was the perfect age but the twins (three), were a bit little for some of the trickier tasks like stuffing the filled stocking into the balloons.

They've all been playing with them ever since we made them and I plan to add some extra activities to go with them in the next few days.

You will need some rice, old stockings, balloons, rubber bands and scissors.

Cut out the feet of the stockings and fill with just enough rice to suit the size ball you want. 
Tie with a rubber band and cut off any excess stocking.

Stuff the stocking ball into a balloon (this can be tricky but it does go in), Cut off the neck of the balloon just to the base of the ball. With another balloon make tiny holes (they will stretch as it goes on) then stretch over the ball, you can do this as many times and with as many colors as you like. Cut off the neck of the balloon to make an extra hole.

Squish, throw, roll, juggle, stack, and enjoy!!

Happy School Holidays! x