Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sharing boards

If you follow me on Instagram (@hollirob) you would have noticed that 'Sharing boards' are my new favorite tummy filler.
Between the five of us, we all like different things, so I'm finding these fun sharing boards a great way to please everybody, and to use up left overs in the fridge from the week before.

The last few weekends, I have whipped one up late afternoon when everyone is "staaaaarving" and then later at night when everyone gets the nibbles again, I pop something easy in the oven, like some chicken wings, spinach and cheese toasties, or I use up some left over veggies in this recipe.

I have noticed the children trying different things they may not have tried before, or not for a long time, In the busy day to day, I sometimes forget to add new things to their plates to try, instead just going with what I already know they like.

I also love whipping one up in the afternoon for an after school feed. I can put one together before I head out on school pickup and it's ready to go when I get home with three tired, hungry children.
With school holidays just two days away, I'm sure I will be making a few to get us through some of these cold wet and windy days.

Yum! xx

Friday, June 17, 2016

Melanoma spot

When I have talked to people about the Melanoma I had removed back in December, the question that keeps popping up is, What did the mole look like? 

I don't know why I did it, but when I was sitting in the doctors office waiting to have my small spot removed, I took a photo of it, perhaps I knew it was going to be something more than a simple spot being removed. I must have thought it was something odd, because I had persisted in having three different doctors look at it (thank god!)

So here is my Melanoma, 

a tiny little odd shaped spot that had been there for ever, but had started changing within about an eight month period, tiny from the outside but a huge tumor on the inside.

The first sign on a Melanoma is usually the appearance of a new spot, or a change in an existing freckle or mole. The change may be in size, shape or colour and is normally noticed over several weeks or months.

Which is why it is important to not only, notice yourself what is going on with the spots on your body, but to have a regular skin check up for anything you may have missed.

I'm not brave enough to show you my arm after the surgery yet, I'm sure the day will come and it will be just another part of me I'm use to, but for now, it still shocks me when I walk past a mirror or go to scratch my arm.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


I love rugging up on a Winters day and heading out to the bush for a bonfire and a play.

Yesterday was especially cold, as we were under some snow covered mountains and the wind was very chilling. With beanies, gloves, jackets and boots, the children didn't seem to mind and were happy to warm their little hands by the fire, keep busy on the motorbikes and doing some more work on their bush cubby.

After we lit the huge bonfire, we got a smaller fire pot going ready to cook some lunch on, we cooked some sausages and kebabs and in the morning Poppy asked if we could bring some marshmallows to cook, so the children had a great time cooking (Ok mostly burning) those also.

The children have been working on their bush cubby for about a year now, adding little touches every time we come out for the day. They loved showing their friends and Alexis and Poppy had put Pop to work, gathering more wood to make it even bigger. We were all amazed at how it had stayed in place after all the crazy winds and storms we have had since she started making it.

We love finding different things laying about on that farm, Alexis was very interested in this old animal bone and Rory loved looking at all the mushrooms that had popped up over the last few days.

Rory also was dying to try out the new four wheeler Pop had bought for the children to ride, so even though he still had his arm in plaster, he gave it gave it a go, as it wasn't the hand he needed for the throttle, he also promised me he would go nice and steady (which of course went out the window with in a few seconds of riding.)

It was the perfect way to spend the extra day off, getting some fresh air and exercise with family and friends.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Girls Weekend

Last weekend three friends and I packed up and headed to Melbourne for a little girls weekend away. We were excited to eat out, do some shopping, enjoy some giggles and relax, we all have young children so the idea of hoping on the plane alone and not having to take toys, books, snacks and the works was even amazing.

We had planned to leave Launceston about noon but the weather in Melbourne had other ideas, and unfortunately there was a thick fog that caused our flight to be delayed by about 3 hours. (Which is a killer when the flight itself is only an hour)

After what seemed like forever at the airport, we were so excited to finally get in the air and to get the weekend started.

Once we finally arrive at the hotel and freshened up (mad because we had lost precious shopping time!), we headed out to The Atlantic at The Crown Casino for dinner and drinks, Donovan Cooke, a well known chef (who has appeared on Master chef and worked under Marco Pierre White) is the head chef here, and it was a treat to see him working in the kitchen. I ordered the king salmon, which was to die for.

The next morning, after a little FaceTime session with these cuties back home, we headed out, in the rain, to The Timeout Cafe in federation square for an amazing breakfast,

and some pretty fancy Virgin Mary's.

Then it was time to head to H&M and do some serious shopping.

We also headed to some DFO's as it was a rainy day, so this was the perfect option for shopping and keeping out of the miserable weather.

I love Melbourne and it's amazing art work, it is such an easy city to get around and as we stayed at The Victoria Hotel in Little Collins street, we were right in the middle of all the action, and walked everywhere we needed to be.

Saturday night we dressed up and headed out for some cocktails, we knew we wanted to head to Mamastias Mexican restaurant, and that they usually had a long line out the door, so we headed there first and they said they could give us a table at 9.45pm, a little different to my 6.00pm dinner time at home, but perfect for fitting some cocktails and giggles in first.

I'm a huge Mexican lover, and Mamasitas was by far the best Mexican food I've ever had, if you plan on going there, the corn is a must, along with everything else on the menu, the menu has many smaller items, designed to share and have a taste among the table, which we did and it was amazing.

Over all we had a fantastic couple of days, The Victoria hotel had a Jacuzzi we made good use of, and we all found some fantastic goodies in all the sales, not to mention all the amazing food.

We were all so excited to see our children and partners on our return, but I must admit, it was nice to have no nappies, bottles, or tantrums to deal with for just a few days.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Broken arm

 It's been two weeks since my cheeky boy broke his arm by falling off the monkey bars at school.

He has had a new cast put on and is getting use to the whole bagging his arm for a bath routine.

He's new cast is fiberglass and he was lucky to have an awesome doctor who gave him a 'puppy paw print' cast, which he thinks is rather cool. It is amazing how light the fiberglass is compared to the plaster cast, and so much easier on his neck, as he wears a sling for most of the day.

As he had two rather nasty breaks, and another bone twister out of place, we have to go to the hospital for regular X-rays to make sure everything is on track and he is healing how he should be. He loves these trips to the hospital, mainly because of all the lovely old people who stop him and ask "what has the poor little darling done to his arm?" and all the doctors and nurses give him lots of special attention.

Last week we even happen to catch up with The Wiggles who asked him about his arm and he was proud to tell his story.

He has been such a pro with one arm out of action, he has been back at school with his friends, he was playing the Play Station with his chin the other day and when we were working in the yard on Sunday he helped along like everyone else, such a little champ!

Hopefully he stays chippa as the weeks go by.