Tuesday, August 23, 2016


We don't have a lemon tree in our new home, we just need to sort out our garden and organise where everything is going to go then I will pop a few citrus trees in. 

We are lucky enough to be able to stock up on lemons from Tom's parents beautiful tree, and this year it has been loaded, I have seen a few others in our neighborhood that have been loaded also, and have heard lot's of people say it's been a great year for lemons.

Which works out well for me, as after I had my Melanoma removed earlier in the year, my doctor has changed my diet to boost my immune system a bit, and one lemon a day was on the top of his list.

I have been squeezing the juice of one lemon into a glass of water every morning, which is actually quiet tasty, and on a cold night I sip on a cup of hot water with lemon and honey.

Mornings are always the busiest time of day, and I love anything that is going to make my life easier (who doesn't), so yesterday I spent 20 minutes juicing a big bunch of lemons, putting the juice into ice cube molds and popping them in the freezer, so of a morning I can easily pop a cube into a glass of water.

And of a night a cube will easily melt in a cup of hot water. When the cubes were frozen solid, I popped them out into a zip lock bag and now they're ready to go.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezie!


Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I have been meaning to grab some plants to plant along the fence on our driveway for a few weeks now, with Spring just around the corner, I wanted to pop some in so that they could have the best start in their new home.

We had recently had a water leak under the driveway that needed digging up, so while we were at it, we removed these huge bushes from the garden bed that were a hassle with their huge roots.

So this morning the twins and I headed off to Bunnings to see what we could find. After wandering around the plant section and putting about a hundred plants in and out of my trolley, I called my Mum for some advice, and together we decided on Diosma, a small pretty bush, I bought three with a white flower and two that were golden with no flower. I probably could have bought some more, but I'll see how they go and if needs be I can add more later. 

The sun was out after some rain overnight so we rugged up and headed out to plant our new bushes.

Rory loved all the slugs and worms he found, and wasn't to happy about putting them back into the garden, as he wanted to keep his 'friends' inside.

Even though you could feel the snow in the air, the twins were excited to get the watering cans out and enthusiastically water every plant until the poor things could drink no more. 

I look forward to seeing how these bush together, and hopefully next year bringing some flowers from the bushes inside for the table.

We have so much more gardening to do, and when you get your work clothes on and get stuck in, it never takes as long as I had planned, hopefully it's a nice weekend and we can plant some Camellia bushes that I have.

Happy Wednesday xx 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Snow weekend

On Friday night we rushed around gathering our snow gear out from storage and packing food for the weekend, as first thing the next morning we were headed off for a little snow adventure.

Early Saturday morning I changed my excited three into their snow gear, stuffed the car to it's full capacity and we headed off.

It's only an hour from our home to the top of Ben Lomond, which has the only ski-village in Tasmania. We had been watching the weather all week, and was happy to see there was going to be lots of snow to play in.

It wasn't long after we had settled into our cabin that we were out playing in the snow, it was the most beautiful day, and we were all shedding our jumpers and coats after a couple of trips up the hill with toboggans.

We all had plenty of turns, some more risky than others, Rory and Poppy loved the big (scary for Mum) slopes, and Alexis enjoyed the smaller hills, making snow balls and sliding down on her bottom.

All the children did an amazing job walking up the large slippery slopes over and over again, working up a hunger and they all happily went to bed early that night!

The big kids all had a good time too, and after a play with the younger kids, headed off on the lifts to have a snowboard for the afternoon.

We went with three other families, and the cabin we stayed in is always so well suited for families, with lots of toys, highchairs large kitchen and sleeping areas and plenty of room for all the kids to play.

It was another great family weekend that we loved sharing with our friends. Yesterday afternoon everyone was exhausted and there was plenty to do before the busy week ahead.

I guess Winter isn't too bad after all.

Happy Monday xx

Monday, July 18, 2016

Westbury Maze

Tom works a nine day fortnight, meaning every second Friday he has off, these Friday's are usually used for catching up around the house and going to appointments such as giving blood, doctors and the bank. 

As his last Friday off was in the school holidays we thought it was a great opportunity to head out for a little adventure with the girls (Rory was spending the day with his Gran, as he had missed out when he was sick last week).

After a few different ideas, we had seen that the Westbury maze (about 30 minutes from home), has a special on where adults are at children's prices ($7) for the month of July, so thought we would head out there for the day.

We hadn't taken the children before and the girls were so excited, when we arrived, the lovely lady told us that they had hidden 13 different objects in the maze and if the girls could find them all they would get a little prize at the end.

So with paper and pen in hand we headed off to find the middle of the maze, and the 13 objects in between.

You would think having objects through out the maze would make it a little easier to find our way, it didn't, I'm sure we walked past this dam dinosaur fifty times. 

Finally we found the middle!

It was great to see the maze from above and work out where we had been, and how to get back out again!

The ladies gave the girls a lolly pop at the end for finding all the objects, (Alexis looks stoked with hers*)

We then drove around the quaint town of Westbury and stopped at Andy's bakery and gelato for some lunch and of course some gelato!

*The sun was in her eyes, she was really excited with her lolly pop, (I promise!!)