Thursday, October 12, 2017

Liffey Falls

I can't believe we are in the term three holidays already, this year is flying by. We are a busy little family, and our calendar is always full.
It was nice to head out for a drive to Liffey Falls last weekend, even though we missed Tommy as he was working.

We did the easy 1km walk, with lots of stops on the way, where there are beautiful platforms to look at the falls from all angles. 

When we got to the bottom of the falls, we played on the river beds, climbing the fallen logs and skipping rocks.

It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning.

Hopefully I'm back to share some more of whats been happening around here soon. 


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Book Week

 This week is book week, and most schools in our area have a day where you can dress up as a character from your favorite book.

This year Alexis went as 'Little Red Riding Rood', Rory went as 'The Grumpy Bear' and Poppy went as the Ladybug from "What The Lady Bug Heard Again"

 Poppy was a little hesitant about dressing up she didn't want her outfit to be 'baby-ish' but loved it when we put it all together, and was so excited when I said she could wear a bit of red lippy.

Alexis has a rhyming story of Little Red Riding Hood that she loves, and decided that most the other girls would go as princesses so she wanted to be different, and as Poppy was aloud to wear lippy, she insisted she needed to as well.

I thought I would be able to convince Rory to go as the Lumber Jack from Little Red Riding Hood, (because who doesn't love twins that match!), but he had his heart set on The Grumpy Bear (the same as last years costume), because he said it was 'warm and cosy', fair enough.

They had assemblies where they showed the rest of the school their costumes, and went to their 'buddy' class rooms to share the fun.

What a fun week to get children reading and sharing their favorite books!

Happy Book Week! xx

Monday, August 21, 2017


I love the saying "As Sunday well spent brings a week of content", this is so true for me, a Sunday spent with no particular plans but to spend time with family is the best kind of Sunday.

Yesterday Tommy had to work so the children and I took the short drive (30 mins) to Gravelly Beach, because I had seen that there was a pretty amazing park that I knew the children would love.  

It was the most gorgeous Winters day, but the air was very chilly, and we had to move around a lot to keep warm, the park was great, lots of things to play on for my three, who are growing out of the smaller park equipment, and need a bit more than slides and a swing.

We had morning tea, and walked down by the water, there was also a skate park, and they were all disappointed they didn't bring their skateboards and scooters. Next time.


There were a few jetty's to wander on, and watch people coming and going in their boats.

We then drove around the corner to the small fish and chip shop, and even though it was freezing, they all had an ice cream, and ate it on the bench with the most gorgeous view.

We followed the windy road around the beautiful old shacks and homes and found a tyre swing opposite an old shack, the children couldn't resist a play and could have stayed all day.

We came home just as Tommy was finishing work, and I popped a roast pork in the oven and started organising uniforms and lunches for the week.

I would say our Sunday was very well spent. The only way it could have been better is if Tommy could have come, but there is always next week.

Happy Monday! xx

Monday, July 24, 2017

Baby Beau

On Thursday we were so excited to meet our new cousin / nephew Beau.
We drove from Launceston to Hobart after Tom had finished work and went straight to the Hospital to catch a glimpse of the highly anticipated baby boy.

Baby Beau was born at 9.29am on the 20th of July and weighed in at 3.2k kilos. Poppy, Rory and Alexis have been talking about the arrival of their first cousin for months, getting updates from their Aunty about how big he was getting in her belly, sweet ultrasound photos and counting down the days until the holidays when we could go and visit.

When they laid eyes on him for the first time they all fell in love, Rory couldn't stop looking at him, stroking his little cheeks and asking for all the cuddles, telling Beau he would teach him how to play cricket when he is older.

Alexis loved listening the the little 'squeeks' Beau made as he slept, and was super keen to have a look under his beanie to see what color his hair was (brown. btw),

And Poppy was in awe of his tiny hands and plump red lips and could have sat there all day cuddling him.

Tom loved every minute of meeting his sisters new baby, he kept saying 'congratulations', 'he is such a good looking baby', and announced if we won the lottery we'd have to have more babies!

I'd forgotten how tiny newborn babies were, how they mostly sleep and feed, and soaked up the feelings Beau's Mum Sarah was having when she said things like "I could just watch him all day", "I couldn't be more in love" and "Isn't it amazing how he was in my tummy a few hours ago". Beau's Dad Dan wanted to cuddle Beau every chance he got, if Beau made the slightest noise he'd run over to make sure he was ok, and when Dan's parents came, he kept cuddling his Mum, just out of pure joy from becoming a Dad.

We're already planning our next trip to see baby Beau in a few weeks, to 'goo' and 'gah' over him some more.

Welcome to the world beautiful boy, we can not wait to see you grow and play with these three cousins of yours.