Thursday, June 14, 2012


One of my biggest challenges is how am I going to entertain Poppy while tending to the babies, cooking, cleaning, housework etc...
Now I realise she doesn't need entertaining 24/7 and she is fantastic at playing by herself, with a great imagination but I also like to have a few ideas up my rolled up sleeve.

 Going to pick in season fruit and bake with it is one of our favourite things to do, it is so great to show Poppy where her food comes from and teach her how to cook.
We are lucky to live in such a gorgeous area where we have a huge range of fruit, vegetable, and stock farms. 
This Apple bread was DELICIOUS!

Also since the twins are now eating us out of house and home and on solids we got extra apples for them.
Here is about a weeks worth of baby mush!

How the twins entertained themselves while Poppy and I baked.

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