Thursday, June 14, 2012


Poppy was born on the 09/10/08 at about 3pm, by emergency c-section, I didn't get to see my brand new baby until 3am the next night, all by myself, half asleep the nurse brought her in and we cuddled in the dark for about 20minutes before she had to go back to the Neonatal ward. 
It wasn't exactly the moment I had dreamed of. I had imagined giving birth naturally and having Tom there with me and us both cuddling and kissing Poppy and being overwhelmed with joy.
Due to the c-section I was asleep when I had Poppy and only found out I had, had a girl when I was waking up and the nurse walking past said "you had a girl" and walked off. It felt like the last 9 months of waiting to see if we had a boy or a girl were wasted, and that we should have just found out via ultrasound.

 I am so grateful for the hospital acting quickly and giving us a beautiful healthy baby girl but with all those crazy hormones I had going on at the time I felt very lonely not being able to be with her after we had just shared 9 months of closeness together. 
 For a minute they are so tiny and cute and "ohh her little tiny feet, oh look at her hands, what a cutie little toosh" then before you know it that baby is 3, running around like crazy and playing with two other tiny little babies. Time sure does fly and we soak up every minute.

 Life, of course, changed when we had Poppy but we were still able to get out as she was such a good baby and tag along happily. She would come out to breakfasts, dinners, holidays or music festivals with us and was very happy to do so. I feel like we had her quiet young (I was 22) and we had no friends with children, we are extremely lucky to have amazing families that help us when we need it and love having the children to stay a night or to play one afternoon here and there. So we had a fantastic balance still being able to do things others our age were doing but also enjoy our gorgeous girl.
 Poppy is a very active little girl (like most 3 year old's I'm sure) and enjoys anything out doors. We are always going on 'adventures', treasure hunts, gardening, on the trampoline, drawing on the driveway, painting, making boats, feeding the ducks and enjoying the outdoors. She goes to Pre-kinder two days a week and once she is over the thought of leaving Mum for the day loves spending time with the other children. 

 Poppy loves her little brother and sister and not once has she showed a tinge of jealousy that these two came from nowhere and started taking up a huge chunk of my time.
I look forward to watching her grow and learn and enjoy life. 


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