Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rory and Alexis

Rory and Alexis were born on the 02/10/11 by c-section at 36 weeks, they were very little babies and had to be in ICU for two days. Then the neonatal ward for about 3 weeks. They were too tiny to suckle and they had to have all their milk through there nose tubes for the first two weeks.

My husband was interstate for work at the time of and missed the birth by about 2hrs. I was booked in to have a C-section at 38 weeks (Full term for twins) but went into labour early.
We didn't know what the sex of the babies were but were very much hoping for a boy in the mix somewhere, when the first baby was born the doctors had told me I had a healthy baby and it seemed like FOREVER before they said weather it was a boy of girl, I was delighted when I heard "its a boy", then about 30 seconds later Alexis was born, how lucky, one of each! They were whisked away to their warm beds and taken to ICU and I was taken to recovery.


As I was having twins I was expecting they would have to be in the neonatal unit as twins are commonly born quiet small. 
Everyone in the ward was so lovely and it was a huge relief to get them home three weeks later!

 At first they were small enough to sleep together, and oh my gosh that was adorable!! 
For the first few months life had changed big time and sleep was a distant memory.
We soon got into the swing of things and our lives became one big fun routine. 
Our gorgeous twins are 9 months now and look nothing alike and have totally different personalities, Rory is quiet and want's lots of my cuddles and time and Alexis is an independent  adventurer, like her big sister, and loves to get into everything!
We are so lucky to have two very healthy happy babies and they bring a huge amount of joy to not only our family but our extended family as well. 

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