Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Windy and Cold

Another windy and cold day where we are and it was also the day that Dad flew back out to work for 2 weeks after 7 days off so that always makes the day a little sad. 

So today was about keeping miss 3 entertained and the twins from tearing the house apart!!

Baths are always an amazing way to keep everyone entertained, weather its the twins in their bath seats and me sitting next to the bath with a magazine, all three squished in the bath making a bubbly mess or Poppy and her Barbies having a play in a little water while I get some jobs done.
Today it was Poppy with her Barbies while the twins slept and I got some much needed cleaning done and had a late breakfast, (the kind where I can actually sit down and eat a whole slice of toast to myself and not have and little fingers grabbing at it).

Then this afternoon I suggested we make a cubby, and as soon as the words came out of my mouth I could see Poppy's eyes light up and her little mind tick away thinking about how many of her toys she could fit in it, so instead of dragging out the sheets and chairs I set up an old dome tent in the lounge and her and the babies have been in it ever since!... Where did I put that magazine? 

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