Friday, August 17, 2012

Lunch Box Treats

Yesterday was cold and rainy so we needed some activities to keep Poppy entertained inside. The twins were having a longer sleep than usual as they have a tiny cold.
I picked out a nice banana bread recipe from the "Sophie Dahl" recipe book I had been given awhile ago, and let Poppy pick a recipe from her children's cook book, of course she chose these sickly looking pink love heart shaped cheese cakes, she was so excited. 

Mixing the banana cake ingredients.

Licking the spoon is the best bit.

The finished product, perfect for school lunches. A beautiful recipe from a beautiful book! 

 Always best to make sure the beaters are OFF before lifting them out of the bowl!!
 Must take a break to lick the beaters.

The very sickly finished product, Poppy and I shared one after dinner and it was even too sweet for Poppy, the chooks at Granny's and Pop's got the rest.


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