Friday, August 24, 2012

Multiple Inventions

I have seen so many "great" gadgets and gizmos for Mum's of multiples to help us get through the day with a bit of ease. Some we have used and some we haven't. Without a doubt I have found one of the best inventions for babies and I must have been living under a rock because I'm sure they have been around for ever and I just haven't caught on.... what is it you ask? A plastic bib with a little catching department for all the dropped, thrown or spat out food to fall into. We have only just started using them this week and they have saved me so much work!! Definitely something I would recommend! 
Tandem Twin Trike 

Double twin floating seats for swimming. (Love this)
Twin feeding table.
Twin bottle feeing pillow (we had one of these and it was AMAZING!)
Twin carrier. (I feel this would be a big strain on the back)

 Rory with his bib.
Alexis with her bib.


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