Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So every night Poppy wakes up after being asleep for about 2hrs and decides she doesn't like her room, probably because she knows I'm a push over and Daddy's not home, but she thinks she can sleep in my bed.... 
OK OK I admit I few times I have given in and enjoyed her little snuggles and the excitement she gets from sleeping in out "Big" bed, but then when Tom comes home she still wants to stay in our bed, and that doesn't go down so well. 
This has only just started a few months ago, she was fine adjusting to her big bed as a two year old but suddenly she has had this change of heart. 
I guess I just have to be strong and keep taking her back to bed (even though its SO much easier just to leave her in our bed when she comes in at all hours of the night.)
Wish me luck in what seems like a never ending battle! 


  1. We are having the same problem here. It is soooo hard having to keep putting her back to bed 2 or 3 times a night.

    1. Yes!! I think persistence really is the key. Unfortunately.


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