Saturday, August 18, 2012

"You have your hands full"

Some of the things people say when they come to "goo and gah" over the twins amazes me!
There is the usual: "You have your hands full" or "Double Trouble" and almost everyone has a twin story they must share, "I'm a twin", "My cousin is a twin", "I went to school with Twins..."

Some of the things that amuse me are:
"Aren't you cleaver having one of each?" 
"Are they identical?"...(After they know one is a boy and one is a girl), 
"Did you know you were having twins?" 
"Were they natural?" (I guess they are asking if I had IVF) 
"You must be done having kids now?"

At first I really hated all the attention they brought and whenever I went out I could feel all eyes on me and my babies, I could see and hear people whispering to the person next to them "Look, Twins"

I had just been the heaviest I had been in my life with twins, I was tired, and usually just throw any old clothes on to go out and get a few items and to stop me going crazy from being inside for days on end and I had never like the attention to be on me anyway. So it was very daunting.

Since then I have gotten use to it and I realise that people just want to wish us well, which is lovely. 


I love that you have stopped by, and love reading your thoughts and opions, thanks for sharing. xx