Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Weekend In Photos

Our weekend like most others flew by. Here are some photos of what we got up to...

Watched the Grand Final with some drinks and friends, Took a picnic to the park, made some raspberry biscuits for school lunches, sewed some bunting flags for a little boys first birthday coming up, settled a few twin fights, played doctor for a Barbie who's head came off, folded washing (oh boy did I fold some washing), changed nappies (yep, plenty of that goes on here), pushed that dam toy car around the house a million times, went to Granny and Pops for a BBQ and started on a toy kitchen I am making Poppy for her birthday (pictures to come).

Wow, when its all written down it looks like we got a bit done this weekend!
Back to school for Poppy tomorrow, which is good because I need a break to get over the weekend!
I hope you had a good one like we did.


  1. A weekend just isn't about R&R anymore is it! Geez, remember when?!

    1. Yes I need a day of R&R after my weekends!

  2. That is one productive weekend!
    :-) x


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