Friday, September 21, 2012


Breakfast at out house (in fact any meal time) is hectic. Poppy is just "staarrrrrrrving", Rory crawling in the fridge because I usually leave the baby gate open and Alexis is tugging at me because she want's to be picked up.
I usually start the day early, getting up before everyone and making Poppy and the twins some porridge with whatever fruit I have, grated apple, frozen blue berries or mashed banana. 
I get the twins up, change them, and put them in their high chairs, feed them while I am hurrying to cool down Poppy's porridge while she is complaining about being "starving", wants her TV shows on, needs paper for drawing or asking me if I know where the green Barbie shoe is?

I usually have some tomato and pepper on toast in the kitchen while feeding the babies, then if I'm lucky I get a hot drink before the twins start calling out because they want to get out of their chairs.

After Poppy's porridge she insists she is still hungry so I make her a fruit and cheese plate. Which Rory and Alexis try and wrestle her for, leaving blueberries and strawberries all over our nice white carpet.

One day I will have time to make some lovely poached eggs on sour dough. Until then I would rather my extra 10 minutes sleep! 


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