Monday, September 17, 2012

Double the babies, double the nappies.

Having twins people often ask me how many nappies we go through a week, two babies means double the dirty nappies, which means A LOT of nappies. We go through about 70-80 nappies a week so it can get very expensive. When ever there is a sale on nappies you can guarantee I will be first in line with two trolleys ready to buy up big. 

When I can (even if it only once a day for each baby) I try and use some cloth nappies, even two a day saves us 14 nappies a week or 56 a month! I try and use these during the day when I'm hoping they will be only be wet nappies. 

When I run out of my sales stock of Huggies I buy some nappies that are cheaper (we love the Coles "Comfy Bots") and use them during the day and a Huggies at night. Do you use cloth or disposable nappies? Or both?


  1. I've never used cloth diapers! I love how easy it is to just throw disposable diapers away!


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