Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Night

Friday nights can be a little hectic at our place, Poppy has been at school all day and is very tired and hungry when we finally get home. So I quickly put dinner on for her and the twins to make sure they eat a good meal before they get over tired. Then I bath the babies and put them to bed about 5.30pm and I spend some time with Poppy before she goes to bed. Tonight we painted toe nails, read her library books and did some drawing.

After she went to bed I finally got to sit down with a nice drink and some delicious lemon chicken with couscous I had made earlier.

Every one is sleeping soundly after a big day.
Twin plus one Daddy is coming home tomorrow night and should get in at 10pm, which makes for a very excited house! We will have to keep busy tomorrow to make the day go faster!!
How do you spend your Friday evenings?

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