Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So we have been busy around the house the last few days, yesterday we used the small open window of sun to do a bit of gardening, potting some lovely strawberry plants and doing some much needed weeding. Poppy and I did this while the twins slept as it was still to wet under foot for them to have a crawl around.

I dropped (and broke) a beautiful huge pot, which Poppy found all very dramatic. So we had to re-pot the strawberries, but I'm sure they will be yummy either way! 

This morning Poppy did her favourite thing of all and dressed up like a princess with her pretty dresses and jewels and lip balm and danced around the house while watching the new Barbie Movie "The Princess and The Popstar". I then took her to the doctor while Granny Vicki watched the twins and unfortunately she has a little virus, she didn't seem to fussed though as the minute we got home she got changed straight back into her princess clothes, took her hair out and watched the second half of the movie.
The twins have been enjoying their normal routine, sleeping, eating and having us push them around the house a million times in their car.
We framed and put up some of Poppy's paintings in her room.
 I have been trying to get back on the healthy eating wagon after having my teeth out. Today I had a delicious smoothie for breakfast and a lovely lentil salad for lunch.

Now I'm headed back to the doctor tonight as poor little Rory looks like he has an ear infection.
What have you been up to lately?


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