Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lunch's / Snack's

My children rarely get sweets like biscuits or lollies, since Poppy was little when we would go out I would have pre organised snacks, she would be sitting in the shopping trolley with a small bag of par-boiled broccoli "trees" or maybe chewing on a small cob of corn (cooked but cold), I think it's important to bring fruit and veggies into every day life, not just at night when they are tired and its boring sitting at the dinner table and they are made to eat them. So here are some of my favourite snack ideas.

Carrot sticks (par-boiled for littler ones)
Pop Corn
Sandwich fingers
Wrap "Pin wheels", Fill wrap with their favourite fillings and cut into pinwheels for easy eating.
Cheese sticks (no need to buy the expensive ones, make them from a block of cheese and wrap in cling wrap for easier travelling)
Frozen blueberries or raspberries
Hard boiled eggs
Cereal (Cheerios  are great for little fingers)
Dried fruit
Yoghurt tubes (Less mess)
Fruit, Bananas are fantastic for popping in the nappy bag
Cold boiled pasta

For school lunches, there are SO many great ideas.
Its good to have some equipment on hand:
Cookie cutters are great for sandwiches 
 Fun coloured napkins 
Plastic or wooden cutlery (I have lost too many spoons and forks!) 
Cup cake liners
Kids chop sticks
Straws (can be used for fruit kebobs)
Cute containers for sauces
Hard boil egg shapers
Sandwich stamps

All up its so easy to make a lunch fun, cut carrot rounds into mini flowers, roll up the sandwiches instead of cutting them, put a cute skewer in the grapes, arrange cut strawberries into a flower, sprinkle some cinnamon on cut up apple, use a melon baller.... So many possibilities!!


  1. Mmmm.
    That all looks sooo delicious.
    We're big fans of all your snack foods here too.
    :-) xx

  2. Wow- those lunches are amazing. You put mine to shame.


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