Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Little Houdini

I call Alexis "Houdini" as just like "Harry Houdini" she can break out of anything. I have no idea how she does it, one minute I am feeding her and Rory in their high chairs all strapped in and the next she is standing up giggling. So I sit her down pull the straps as tight as they go and in seconds she is out again. Its amazing!....But also a little scary, as she has started to wriggle her way out of her car seat straps. I have fixed her car seat now (with a little help from some cable straps) but it has to be very tight for her not to escape.
She is a master at climbing or even opening the baby gate and can even open our sliding glass door if she feels like going outside!
Do you have a little Houdini at your place? 
Any tips for keeping them where they should be?


  1. Ha ha!
    What a clever (but unnerving) gorgeous little lady.
    :-) x


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