Thursday, September 6, 2012


Going anywhere for a night or more is a huge production for us. We have to pack SO much stuff, and to make sure nothing is missed I start planning quiet a bit ahead of time. 
We are planning a little get away near Christmas to the beach. With two babies we need,
 two porta-cots, bedding for these cots, spare bedding in case someone is sick / wet the bed..., the huge double pram, box's of nappies, about three changes of clothes per day for the babies and two for Poppy, toys, bottles, bottle sterilizer, bikes, towels, food, snacks for the car, swimming toys, body boards, inflatable swimming seats for the babies, car fridge, and then what ever activity my husband decides to do while we are away always has a lot of gear, this could be rock climbing, snorkling, fishing... For me? I would just be happy with my bathers, and a big jug of pimms.  Ahhhh. 

Our packing for one night recently, not including the huge double pram or two porta-cots!!

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