Sunday, September 23, 2012


For my mother in laws birthday recently we went halves with my sister in law and got her a voucher to get some professional photos done of all the family. 
After many failed bookings, mainly because it's hard to get everyone together, especially with Tom working away, Saturday was the day we all headed to the park to get some photos done. 
After it poured all day Friday we were a bit worried it may rain Saturday morning but we were so happy to see it was a beautiful morning. 
We had to be at the park at 8.30 in the morning, which isn't an easy task to get everyone up, fed, dressed and make sure everyone stays clean before we got to the park. It was a lovely setting and we got lots of photos in all different combinations. Poppy LOVED the camera, she is such a little poser, Rory was tired and cranky as it was usually about his time for a nap and he had tonsillitis and Alexis just chatted away like a happy little girl. 
We had Kirsty from Green Eyed Girl Photography take the photos, she couldn't have been better, I would highly recommend her.

I'm excited to get the photos back in a few weeks!!


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