Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Away

With Dad home it was a perfect time to head down south to Hobart for the weekend for a much needed visit with family and friends.
We stayed with my husbands sister and her partner for two nights and Poppy was SO excited to be going to stay with her Aunty Sarah and Uncle Dan. 
After packing up what seemed like the entire house, we left late Friday afternoon. The twins were fed, bathed and it was their bed time so I was sure they would sleep the entire way, and hopeful that Poppy would sleep for some of the way. They all stayed awake for the two hour trip and were very tired and over it by the time we got there.
We got so much done in just one and a half days, and are all very exhausted tonight but we all had a fantastic weekend and it was well worth the effort.

 Rory and Dad
 Excited to be heading to Hobart
 It was so lovely to have time to visit the gorgeous Faerie shop in Salamanca with just Poppy and I, she just didn't know where to look first, it has so many beautiful things and is such a fantastic place for a little girl. I highly recommend it for any little girl when visiting Hobart.

 Very tired after a big day of adventures.
 Gorgeous light in the house we stayed in.
 Cheeky twins climbing the stairs
 Alexis and Rory having some milk.
 Gorgeous lights at Salamanca on Saturday night when Aunty Sarah watched the kids so Tom and I could go out for dinner and a drink, so lovely.
 Poppy having a spa with Aunty Sarah
Lotus the gorgeous dog Poppy fell in love with at Aunty Sarah's
 Lovely lunch with family.
Aunty Sarah's place had a massage chair, it was soooooo good!
A visit to a beautiful friend and she made us delicious scones.

I'm not sure who had more fun at the park. Poppy or Dad. 

Visiting Great Granny Barb.
The twins exhausted after their long weekend.


  1. How gorgeous are these pics?
    Sounds (and looks) fabulous.
    :-) x

    1. It was great to get away! Although I will be unpacking and washing for the entire week now! :)


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