Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wisdom Teeth

I went and had all four of my wisdom teeth out yesterday. Luckily I had them out under general anaesthetic, I don't know how people get them out from just sitting in the dentist chair, and I got to have a nice big sleep which I needed. Ha! All went well I am just quiet sore and swollen today, hopefully it goes down before the weekend as we are going away. 
 I am so lucky to have a great mother and mother in law who were a huge help, my Mum "Granny Vicki" stayed at our place with the twins and Poppy and it sounds like they had a fantastic day, then Poppy went to stay at her place for the night. My mother in law "Granny Lyn" made us dinner and brought me pain medication, what more could I want!
 Swollen and feeling sorry for myself.
Ridiculous ice pack to keep the swelling down.

 Needle for fluids. 
 The best thing about getting your teeth out, custard and ice cream cups.
"Get Better Soon Mummy" on the drive way.


  1. That is so sweet you had a message on the driveway! I must remember this for when my friends come home too from the hospital. I've only ever had one wisdom tooth out but the dentist was great. Hardly felt it too. Lucky me.


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