Monday, October 8, 2012

4th Birthday!

I'm probably the worst mother ever, but we told Poppy her 4th birthday was yesterday Sunday the 7th instead of the real day which will be tomorrow Tuesday the 9th. 
You see she had a party yesterday and we are not a big fan of birthdays going on for days, we prefer one whole day dedicated to you, so we decided we would also give her all her presents from us on the same day and just make it her birthday!
Anyway now you have finished gasping in horror we can get onto the good stuff like the party!

We decided to have her party at the Bike Safety Centre in Launceston, and invited everyone from her class at school.

She is in LOVE with Barbie dolls so a Barbie cake was a must.

Granny Vicki made the beautiful dress for Barbie and I made the cake which she loved.

We had some finger food of sandwiches cut into cute shapes, little cups with dip and veggie sticks, coloured popcorn and a fruit platter. I also filled up our drink dispenser with a fruit "punch" of Pineapple and Orange juice and lemon aid, to keep the little bike riders refreshed. 

I made a really simple "birthday bunting" which I am sure will get a lot of use for future parties. Plus we had colourful table cloth and balloons and little gift bags for the children with kids Sunglasses and some lollies. 

There was lots of riding, scooting, enjoying the playground and running around, and the birthday girl had a fantastic time!

Then after her big exhausting day I put Poppy in the bath with all her new Barbies and a new (much anticipated) Ken.

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  1. That's ingenius!!! :-)
    Looks like a brilliant party.
    :-) xx


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