Friday, October 12, 2012

Bite and make up.

Yesterday Alexis bit me, and not just a tiny bite, she really dug her little chompers in good. She was pulling herself up on my legs and took a nice big bite into my thigh, it bruised up right away and was painful for quiet awhile, of course it wasn't her fault as she didn't know what she was doing, and I knew her teeth must have been playing up as her cheeks had been red all day. 
It did make me have a bit more sympathy for poor little Rory though, as he is usually the target for her chompers, they often have a little tiff or two, mainly over who is going to fit into the toy car and Alexis usually wins as she just bites Rory until he cries and gets out. 

As the twins get bigger there always seems to be some one upset because some one else took 'their' toy, or one of the twins ate a barbie shoe, or sticker or is sucking on a beautiful painting from school (even though Mummy did say to put it on the table, out of reach of little baby brothers or sisters). 
So today when we were waiting for the car wash and I was watching Poppy in the back of the car with Rory and Alexis it brought a smile to my face to see her cuddling and kissing them and telling them "it's ok baby darling, we are going to be next, we are waiting our turn." 

Perhaps she liked the fact the babies were strapped in.

Poppy's sweetness didn't last long!

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