Monday, October 15, 2012


For only just turning one its amazing how the twins are showing their own individual personalities. It's unbelievable how much babies accomplish in the first 12 months, talking, eating, walking, understanding you more, growing teeth, and becoming their own little people. 

It's hard to believe that only 12 months ago they were so tiny and didn't even have enough energy to suckle to eat so they had to be fed through a tube in their nose just to stay alive where as now, each and every day they surprise me with how much food they can put away! Bunches of bananas, loafs of bread, tubs of yoghurt, cheese sticks, kiwi fruit, strawberries and veggies all have a huge turn over in our house. Its amazing what their little tummies can hold!! 

Like most Mums I'm a regular at our local supermarket, visiting 4 to 5 times a week. Nappies, milk, (oh man do we go through some milk), bread, fruit and veg are always in our basket. 
It is such a huge deal for a twin mumma to go to the supermarket, there is always the delema of how your actually going to get everyone into the store with only two hands and more than two children, do I take the pram and get way to much stuff and have to balance everything on the pram, or do I carry both babies inside the complex and hope like anything there is even a twin trolley vacant with working straps and not right at the front of all the other trolley's, do I take the risk of running around the trolley sheds looking for a twin trolley while I leave the kids in the car? 

Me personally, I usually shop at Coles, not our local supermarket, about 50 meters up the road, the Coles right on the other side of town. Why do I go right to the other side of town?... The trolleys, Coles have done a fantastic job of catering for multiple mummas, their twin trolleys all have colour coded (white) handles, red around the top of the trolley, so I can spot one in a trolley shed a mile away, they are slim (unlike other stores where they are over sized and only fit through one check out....usually the one that isn't open), they are clean, I have never found one with broken straps, and most of all there are PLENTY of them, so when I see a little old man walking to his car with a twin trolley I don't mind as I know there will be one inside for me anyway. 

Finally something to make my life a little simpler, its bad enough I have to load everyone in the car, get them out at the store, load them in with the groceries, then out at home and unload the groceries and find a place for them in my cupboard while there are two cheeky babies crawling through them all!


  1. I take my hat off to you (and to Coles!)
    I will think of you before I dare roll my eyes at taking my child and baby shopping again.
    :-) xx

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