Thursday, October 4, 2012


You wouldn't be able to tell by their cheeky little faces but I have three sick little children. 
Poppy has some horrid virus that gives her ear aches, gunky eyes, a runny nose and a dry cough.
The twins, well I am not actually sure what they have, all I know is that their tiny little tummies can sure hold some food because last night they were both so so sick, I'm lucky to have so much cot bedding and plenty of grow suits as they went through every single one last night, I had to bath both babies twice in the middle of the night and change their bedding about 6 times between them both. There was spew going everywhere! 
Just when I thought it was over the other one would start. Needless to say this morning has been a blur of washing, more baths, phone calls to the Dr's and coffee (oh coffee where would I be with out you?)

 All this sickness had made me remember a great little tip for when you have to give out medicine, draw up a little chart on the side of the bottle, or box and mark off each time you give your little one their dose. It can be so easy to forget who I have given what to, especially with the twins. I usually do a red one for Alexis and a blur one for Rory.


  1. You poor love.
    I hope everyone is on the mend there - and thank you for the great tip.
    :-) x


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