Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Water Paint

We are dreaming of summer at our place. So any time the sun pops his head through the clouds we are straight out side. We are sick of being inside and are loving some much needed vitamin D.
Today we did a "Summery" craft, ice block painting.
Its so easy, in ice cube trays put water and different food colourings freeze over night, pop out when needed, lay a large old sheet, on the grass and put your feet up in the sun with a trashy magazine as you watch your little ones go crazy watching the ice melt and make beautiful colours and "paint" with the blocks. When its all finished hang it up to dry and next time you make a cubby or fort you have a beautiful sheet to do so!

Making the coloured ice                        Slowly melting the ice.
Colourful handsBeautiful!!


  1. Wow - I love this, they look awesome!

  2. Fantastic idea for some outside fun.
    :-) x

  3. i've seen the water color ice painting idea but never thought to use a sheet! that's a great idea!


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