Saturday, October 20, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

This morning I woke up to a little face watching me sleep and the first thing I heard was "Mum its show day, I'm so excited". It was 5am.
It's never an easy job to get everyone up, fed, bathed and in the car early on your own but this morning we were all out at Longford at 8.30am ready to pick up Granny and Pop for the show.
The show opens at 8am and we had to be early or else there would have been no way my huge double pram would get around once the thousands of people started trudging through the gates.
First stop... Home Industries Shed to check out how we went with our entries!

Here are our results...
 Winning Carrot and Walnut Cake 
 Second in Tomato Chutney
 Second with Pop's eggs.
 Second in the state fruit cake competition
 First in Tomato Sauce
 Poppy with her Veggie man, there were so many fantastic ones!
 Poppy with her winning chocolate crackles she also won best cooking for her age group.
 Poppy won the hand made necklace section and also won best craft in her age group.
Stoked with her crackles!!

We then had a look around at all the amazing other exhibits.

Pop on the double pram, only just fits!

Then we got to explored all the other goodies the show had to offer.

 Face Painting
 Watching chickens hatch in the incubator
 Jumping on the huge trampolines 
 Eating wood fired pizza
 Holding a rabbit
 Going on the rides
 Going in the smelly sheep shed
 More rides
 Checking out the Ute competition with Granny Lyn and taking a photo for Daddy.
Watching the horses with Granny Vicki.

Then going home to check out all Poppy's loot!!

I now have one four year old asleep on the couch and two one year olds snoring away in their cot.


  1. Wow!
    What a haul.
    You guys cleaned up - well done.
    Looks like a magnificent day.
    I hope you managed to put your feet up too.
    :-) xx

  2. Well done Holli and Poppy. I am sure you are an inspiration to lots of mums Holli! You do an amazing job with your kids and have some great ideas. Hopefully you will post some of your winning recipes soon.....

  3. NO Way guys took out the whole show...Well done...we missed your section as it was our first time at the Longford show and we only spent time with the smelly sheep but Rosie loved them anyway... now i was scrolling through and i came to Granny Vicki and i went ..."holy Moly i have known that lady Vicki and her husband John for forever"... we did move in the same circle centuries ago as Vicki will tell you..till they moved to the coast when John retired to fish....i used to see them now and again when we bumped into each other in the city(when i still worked in the makeup dept at Fitzies and Myer) small it Tassie again..remind me please!!!! say hi from Annette and Kelvin Clark...

    1. Hi Annette, My Mum Vicki is married to Richard, they did move to the coast because my Dad was an abalone diver but now live in Longford and own a business there. Yes Tassie is very small! I will say "Hi" from you. :)

    2. ..of course it was old brain is slipping..sorry..Where in Longford..what is is called??? we just built a house and live at Perth..i worked in Jenny Myers Pharmacy for 9 months until 2 months ago ..why didn't i see them?...we will have to touch base, have a nanny catch up and a hot choc maybe...we are both retired now.. pass the word along..i can be contacted by XXX

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