Saturday, November 10, 2012

Road Trippin'

Through the week we went on a mini road trip. We headed up the coast to the beach and stopped for morning tea and to collect some treasures and make some sandcastles, (Swimming was out of the question, it was freezing!).

Poppy had a fantastic time exploring all the rock pools and collecting bits and pieces, Rory couldn't believe he was aloud to explore where ever he wanted and this resulted in him being covered from head to toe in sand and Alexis just stuck to the picnic rug and wasn't too keen on the sand.

After morning tea and a change into some not so sandy clothes for the twins, we headed to another town for some lunch and a play at a beautiful park I had heard about. 
We got some fish and chips (very fitting for being by the sea) and everyone had a big play. The favourite was the 'net swing' and the climbing nets.
It's great to enjoy having Tommy home. Not to mention how amazing it is to have an extra pair of hands to get everyone in and out of the car!! 


  1. What a beautiful family day.
    Hooray for a partner in crime.
    :-) x


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