Friday, November 9, 2012

Sensor bags

I try and do some more baby friendly activities when Poppy goes to school twice a week.
One that I love is "Sensor Bags", all you need is, some large zip lock bags, some tape, and what ever you choose to put in the bags, paint, hair gel, liquid soap, shaving cream, glitter, food colour, pasta to add texture to the liquids.
Then tape them (well so they don't leak) on a window so they can see through the bags and let little fingers loose on them. 

The liquid soap goes bubbly the more is it squished, the paint changes colour, the pasta goes will with hair gel and hiding little toys in the shaving cream is like a mini treasure hunt.

Even though I put up more than enough bags for my two toddlers, of course they both wanted the same ones.
They enjoyed the bags for at least an hour!

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