Monday, November 12, 2012


We are not really pet people, both the Granny's have dogs and that's enough for us at the moment, looking after 3 under 4 on your own most the time is enough work with out a pet. 
So this week we went on the hunt for some tadpoles that could be our pets for a little while. Plus its a great learning experience watching them grow into frogs. We went to the farm and found some in one of the animal drinking troughs. They were slippery little suckers but we soon scooped up enough for our jar.
Brought them home, got a little bucket and added some tank water, sat the jar in the water for a bit to get the little fellows to the right temperature and popped them in their new home, in the shade for a swim.
I had heard lettuce leaves (boiled then freezing them to make sure all the germs are dead) is what they like to eat, so we did that and gave them a little feed. Now we just have to wait for them to grow little legs and turn into frogs! 
Poppy loves them and has already named some, "Victoria Fluffy Pie", "Sheep", "Mr Grass" and "Kira".


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