Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week in photos

The roses started to bloom this week so I knew it was going to be a beautiful one, the week started off with Tommy coming home from interstate about a month early. It was a great surprise and Poppy hasn't left his side since. 
We went on an adventure to the farm, collected tadpoles, visited the beach, collected shells, baked, gardened, caught up with some friends from overseas, the twins had some messy play with rainbow spaghetti, picnics with friends and families, went on a road trip to a new exciting park, and made some icy poles from all the left over oranges. 
This week we are loving the longer nights and going for a stroll in the garden after dinner. I hope you enjoyed your week as much as we did.


I love that you have stopped by, and love reading your thoughts and opions, thanks for sharing. xx