Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Box tunnel

It had been a long day. It was pouring with rain outside and I had run out of indoor activities that would suit both the 1 year olds and the four year old. They were driving me (and each other) crazy and something had to be done.
I hopped in the car and headed for Bunnings. I loaded the car with a dozen of the biggest cardboard boxes I could find and turned around for home.
The minute I brought them inside Poppy's eyes lit up, I could see her already deciding what she was going to make with hers, a house for her dolls perhaps? A human jack in the box? A great place to hide from her pesky little brother and sister?
I opened up the boxes and made a big tunnel that took up most of the play room, we cut some windows in and hung some streamers on some openings for a bit of extra fun. 
The Twins must have crawled through the tunnel a million times, pushing trucks, balls, dolls or each other through. Getting stuck when they were met with another sibling or crawling over one another to get through. 
After about an hour of so they were all red faces and exhausted (Yes! My plan worked!). Everyone was then fed, bathed and headed off for an early night.

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