Sunday, December 16, 2012


Little snaps of happiness I cherish enough to store away for another day..

A photo of the twins... together, a rare occurrence.

Hours were spend on the trampoline mastering "knees to bottom"

The house smelt amazing with the aroma of two beef and beer pies cooking away.

Santa visited our school picnic.

She put on her 'reading' mask and enjoyed book after book about Christmas.

I made a ukulele for Poppy and enjoyed her beautiful songs about her imaginary friends.

 We cooked up a storm in the pizza oven

 We stayed up late packed hot chocolate, candy canes and sweet home-made popcorn and went to look at the Christmas lights in our town.

We covered the play room with cardboard box tunnels and hours were spent exploring them, pushing trucks, balls, cars through them.

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