Friday, December 28, 2012


I know I'm crazy, I know I over organise and I know this looks like it probably takes extra time to most of you, but when you have three little ones and you go away on a holiday you need to be organised, its just way too annoying to go away and realise one child has no shorts what so ever, or you run out of nappies and stuck in a small town where they cost double the price.

One of my little tips is to bag up outfits, We are going away for 8 days so I bag up 8 outfits for each child, this includes everything from nappies, socks and singlets for the twins to bags and bracelets for Poppy. 

Now obviously I will need more than just the 8 bags per child, but when I get someone out of the ocean, the pool, bath or someone spills an entire bowl of cereal on themselves its nice to to just be able to pass them to my husband with a bag full of everything they will need and I can have another sip of my wine (Ha! A girl can dream... he would probably be out fishing for dinner, but it will be easier for me.)

 Are you crazy organised?

Are going away for the holidays?

Hope your enjoying a little time off where ever you are!

Holli xo

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