Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Babies are funny little things, I have come to realise they are their own little person no matter what. We can put Poppy in shorts and a t-shirt every day and never even show her what a dress is but she would still have this burning desire in her to dress us up dresses and jewels, let her hair down and dance. 

It is amazing how much you notice this when you have two babies at the same age and developmental stages be so different. 

Rory, a quiet little soul who love cuddles, sitting in his car saying "brrrrr brrrr", holds on tight on the swings and makes me work hard for one of his delightful giggles (smiles yes, giggles....only when the peek-a-boo is really good). 

Then there is Alexis, little miss independent, she is often found playing with Mummy and Daddy late at night while the others sleep, if she sees a toy she wants she will crawl over, bite, pull or push anyone in her way, she giggles with delight when she is pushed higher and higher on the swings and has this sweet little look like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. 

She sits down and enjoys the bath, he stands and wants to get out, he likes blueberries, she likes strawberries, he wriggles away from anyone's hold, she sits and playfully chats to anyone that will listen, he hates car rides, she loves them, he plays with cars, she plays with handbags. 

Two different little souls, totally adored by their family, even though they have only been with us for over a year it feels like forever and I have no idea where my time went before.... probably to things I do less of now, like riding my now dusty motorbike, catching up with friends and shaving my legs, all these things will come back in time but for now I'm content watching these little ones grow.

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