Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I love these mild nights. When the twins are sound asleep, Poppy and I stay up perhaps a little later than she should for a school night, we read books on the trampoline, water the garden, pick flowers, play hop scotch or cook up something amazing in her play kitchen. 

Last night we planted out some beautiful succulents I recently purchased from the local Church Fair for way too cheap. 

I could almost sit back and watch her do the whole process on her own, like she has many times before, she loves feeling the soil between her fingers, picking pretty pots we have painted and naming the plants we have in our little garden near the house.

I love succulents, they are forgiving on those occasions where the watering is forgotten, they are a great low lying cover in between the larger plants and they multiply so fast I will never have to buy any again.

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  1. Yes! I love succulents so much, but my partner hates them. I still keep some though!


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