Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Stills

Soggy chalk left over from outside play
A special cake to come home to after the first day of kinder
Enjoying the breeze from the swing
Grapes fattening up on the vines
Afternoon tea in the sun
Some piggy friends to tell us the "blessing of the harvest" is near
Sunflowers enjoying the recent heat wave
Fresh blackberries were eaten, by the bucket load.

Joining in with the lovely Emily and her "Stills - A weekly collection" posts.


  1. Gorgeous pics Holli :) I'm loving that piggy! Could so do with a slice of your cake right about now...

    Sophie xo

  2. those sunflowers are gorg, I've been pondering adding some to our garden cos we have the room x

  3. great summery pics...those swings need to come in adult size! x

  4. Your photos are just beautiful Holli. I love the chalk and that cake just looks too delicious. I hope you have a lovely week. Melinda x

  5. Oooh can I join your children for afternoon tea please? And those berries- they look delicious but the cake just takes the...well, cake! x

  6. oh my those blackberries...YUM!

  7. oh my, your february looks like the height of our summer, i yearn for sunshine and warmth! x

  8. Oh blackberries, my favourites!
    Looks like you have had a lovely week.


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