Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dolls house

I had, had my eye out for a lovely wooden dolls house for some time and I finally found one on gumtree which I purchased for $30 and needed a bit of a freshen up.

As she wouldn't be able to play with it right away I had to keep it hidden from Poppy, which wasn't an easy task as its quiet large.

Firstly I gave it a much needed clean and paint. Good old Pop had some white paint in his garage which was perfect for freshening it up.

Next I got some wall paper samples from Spoon Flower. Which wasn't an easy task as they have such a huge, beautiful range.

 The wall paper was easy to apply and looked effective.

filled with some furniture (a bulk lot from ebay was the most cost effective.)

some hand made trimmings

and one very excited four year old

I can already tell it will be a very loved dolls house for years to come.


  1. its looks great....ive got one that's stored away..kept thinking it would be a huge job to tart up...but you have inspired me! x

  2. Holli that is one of the best buys and your makeover looks fantastic I bet your little one hasn't stayed away from it since you gave it to her. x

  3. What a great transformation...I love the wall papers that you choose...what a stylish dollhouse!

  4. Such a great find! And your makeover is just gorgeous. I have an old dolls house in the garage that I bought from the tip shop which is seriously needing some TLC! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. The wallpaper is so pretty.
    I can see hours and hours of play with this.

  6. i did a similar "interior decorating" project with a doll house, but i used craft paper.
    never thought to use actual wallpaper!
    next time we re-do... it's a must!
    looks great, lovely choices too!

    heres the link to ours: http://peacelovesippycups.blogspot.com/2013/01/a-special-gift.html

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