Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekly Stills

we picked, ate, stewed and baked plenty of apples

A new dolls house made its way into our house one rainy afternoon. (post to come soon)

a morning was spent at the museum 

sunflowers were left to dry for their beautiful seeds

we snacked on delicious, healthy treats.

Poppy gathered goodies for some crafts.

Tommy started his new job, he left in a car (not a plane) and was home that night (not three months later!) bliss.

We have another busy week ahead, winter will be less hectic, so we are making the most of the light, sun and produce while we can.

Have a beautiful week. xx

Joining in with the lovely Emily and her "Stills - A weekly collection".


  1. Those sunflowers are so striking...and I am sure the seeds will be amazing!
    And what are those little oat balls?

  2. ahh must be so nice to have your other half walking through the door in the evening!. I endure three week swings...cant imagine three months?!.....all great pics! x

  3. Love your dollhouse- so cute! I once picked onion seeds for work as a youngster- and sunflowers were a pest amongst them. Imagine that, those beautiful flowers being pests. x

  4. Great pictures!


  5. so lovely glad you are all together and not pulled apart by work x

  6. All that apple preserving. The house must have smelt delicious.
    Our chooks used to love the sunflower heads. The would peck out each seed at lightening speed.

  7. Such a beautiful space I have stumbled on here. I'm off to make a cuppa and have a lovely potter around it. Yay to your hubby being home and those gathered goodies will be divine. Those sunflower heads are beautiful too. Hope the rest of your week is grand :) x

  8. Oh yum how wonderful to have all of those delicious apples to make and bake with. I bet you are all so happy to have your hubby working close to home now, yeah! Have a wonderful week Holli. x

  9. looks like a lovely week, what a beautiful collection. See you tomorrow for another one :)

    thank you so much for linking up, always a pleasure to have you

    xo em


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