Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Stills

creations were made with modelling clay

energy was used up on the trampoline

walnuts were eaten and walnut boats were made

she scootered through the park

cook books got a work out on a few rainy afternoons

we enjoyed the rain

pretty wool was thrifted for winter hats

a fresh new batch of play dough was made, pink of course

 Rory couldn't resist the call of the bongos at our local Harmony Day Celebrations

Always a "butterfly please"

Our week was busy, three full days of kinder, gymnastics, Rory teething, the twins having a cold and the first full week for Tommy in his new job.

In the coming week we will be looking forward to Poppy's Easter bonnet parade at kinder and our little Easter get away with family.

Joining in with the lovely Emily and her "Stills - A weekly collection".


  1. Trampolining in the rain-i'd sooo love to do that!

  2. lucky you having some rain! none of that around here i am afraid. lovely photos of your week x

  3. I'm with Jo, please send some rain our way.The playdough looks great, fun!

  4. It looks like you had such a fun week!

  5. What a great week you had that pretty wool will make some gorgeous hats, love pink playdough and butterflies too. Enjoy your week Holli. x

  6. It sure does sounds like a busy week. I enjoyed all of your fun photos. Colourful and lovely. Have a wonderful week! Jo :)

  7. what wonderful pictures. such a wonderful world...

  8. Ahhhh, my little girl is always a butterfly too! Ha ha. I love the shot of trampolining in the rain - such fun. x

  9. These photo's are amazing and I love the scooter through the park. Have a gorgeous week. xxx

  10. oh what was made with the modelling clay?! love the photos! found you at The Beetle Shack!
    Clare @

  11. Loving the movement in this collection! the jumping, the painting, the scooting- your life looks like it moves as quickly as ours does :)

    xo em


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