Thursday, April 18, 2013

Memory Cards (Not for the digital camera)

With school holiday coming up, I like to stock up my cupboards with some activities to keep my energetic four year old entertained, if I plan ahead and have a little stack of ideas I will be all ready for the night when she is over tired right on dinner making/baby bathing time and I can whip something out.

In the cupboard is lots of activity books, some water paints, glow sticks, sparklers (used with Dad's help of course), dyed pasta for threading necklaces, shaving cream for this, this and this, an egg carton scavenger hunt, and a few new small toys and treats like tiny teddies which would never be in her diet but could be used as prizes in a game I might 'invent' on the spot ("pick up 20 toys off the floor...").

I have added to the stock with this great little game of memory using photos of friends and family.

Print two sets of the photos you want to use, glue onto some card that you have pre cut and stamp a pretty pattern on the opposite side.

I made a set of 50 but I will probably only give her half the first time and then add the rest in later to make it more challenging.

How easy peezy (lemony squeezy).


  1. You are so full of clever ideas!
    I love the bird on the back of the cards too.

  2. Oh I love this idea, I've been looking for a good version of memory for a while and this is perfect :) Will definitely be making it!

    Thanks for visiting me over at No Frills Mum! Now to have a little looksy around your 'home'...x

  3. Oh, such a sweet idea. These would make an especially sweet gift idea for someone living far from friends and family! My sister-in-law made Silas a bunch of building blocks with his cousins' faces on them with the same idea in mind.


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