Monday, April 22, 2013

Slow Saturday

Saturdays are usually packed with activities, BBQ's with friends, birthday parties, heading to the river for a swim, park adventures, family visits and more.

This Saturday was a little slower, Tom was to spend the morning at work, the kids were keen to get out of the house and I wasn't really about to take my wandering one year old's to the park alone, two hands just isn't enough.

I loaded everyone in the car (including a few trucks, toys, Barbies, snacks, extra clothes...) and headed to the farm, as I knew Pop would be there fixing fences and chopping a load of wood for his Ute. 

The drive out to the farm is beautiful and Poppy and I talk about Autumn, the different trees, what is growing in the paddocks and whatever else we see. Rory and Alexis "Moo" at the cows,"Baa" at the sheep and "Tweet" at the birds.

When we arrived Pop was on his excavator and had brought 'Basil' the dog out which delighted Rory. We walked the paddocks collecting feathers, sticks, wool and more for another days activity, chased Basil, listened to the birds, visited the sheep, played on the excavator, and explored. 

After some lunch we headed home and the three explorers slept all the way. 

I'm sure we will be back many times over the next two weeks of school holidays, perhaps for a BBQ or two. 

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