Friday, May 31, 2013


The colour of Autumn to me. The last of the tomatoes being made into chutneys, accessories to brighten up dull days, luscious leaves in the parks, red juices to fight off colds, apples by the basket full, fig cakes and jams, bright red wools to warm knees on cold nights. 

Do you see a colour re-appearing every time you unload your camera?
Is red your colour for the season too?
Isn't nature amazing?



  1. I love red! (except my kitchen's 80's red doesn't do it for me). Some amazing photos here!

  2. Everything is purple for us! I have a post scheduled for that next week! But we are in the middle of spring. :)

  3. I adore red - I add touches of it everywhere I can around the house. Just found your blog, my husband is FIFO too. Unfortunately only one or two trees around here drop their leaves during winter, I envy everyone with 'proper' trees! Much love xox


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