Saturday, June 29, 2013


Alexis: That pout!
Rory: Tired boy.
Poppy: Ice cream shop owner.

No posts for me this week, I have been non-stop and with lots of broken nights and early mornings (think 4am starts), I'm tired and well and truly ready for school holidays, one week to go Mumma, one week to go. 

Last week I loved the gorgeous "Weekend warrior" Logan over at Melon Pea

Half way through the 52 project, what I am loving the most is finding so many other fantastic bloggers who are linking up each week. Watching my children grow and become their own little person week by week is amazing, but happening all to fast for my liking! 

All thanks to Jody over at Che & Fidel.


  1. I love the ice cream stand...she is my kind of girl!

    I can't believe the year is half over either...I got an email the other day about ordering Christmas cards!

  2. that ice-cream stand is awesome! xx

  3. Those tired eyes. Little man why do you fight sleep?

  4. Those eyes on that first shot are completly you!!! Gorgeous...


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