Monday, June 17, 2013

Bonfires and Baby Lambs

We go to the farm for a stress free outing away from home. Parks, playgrounds and indoor play centres just aren't possible with two toddlers and one Mumma. 

A trip to the farm on Saturday to find two beautiful lambs had been born over night. Unexpected as they weren't due to lamb until September but a lovely surprise, Poppy giggled with joy as they bleated away, wiggled their tails and fed from their Mothers. 

We chased chooks, fed sheep, cuddled lambs, rode the motorbike, flew the kite had some lunch and all three slept on the way home... even through my amazing karaoke. 

Do you have a place to go for a stress free outing?
Aren't bush bonfires the best?
Did you have a stress free weekend?

I'm off to make pumpkin soup. 

Happy Monday! 

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