Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekly Stills

We celebrated Tom's Gran's 90th Birthday

Poppy spent a lot of the week as "Foxy"

Ginger laced flu fighting juices were made and devoured

I made pretty flower bands for a pretty fairy princess

We rugged up and ventured to our local bike safety centre for a BBQ and play with friends

We spent time with cousins, and second cousins

Joining in with the lovely Emily and her "Stills - A weekly collection".


  1. Look at that photo montage! 90 years - That's an achievement! I hope one day I can have a photo montage full of memories and LOVE!

    Sophie xo

  2. gorgeous! I think I would love to spend some time at your house! how fun!

  3. 90 wow! Just think of the changes Gran has witnessed in her life! She must be an interesting lady to talk too. Great photos, as always x

  4. What a cake! And ginger laced juice! I'll take a glass!!

  5. I love the cake and photo backdrop for the birthday. What a lovely age to be. My grandmother is approaching 90 soon, we can't wait!


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