Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekly Stills

We made some pretty stained glass biscuits

 I went to watch my amazing Mum at Swing Dancing

It was Poppy's turn to bring home Kinder Bear* for the week

Two brand new lambs made their way into the world at the farm

Dizzy Wizzy's were had

We had a very busy, short week. The highlights were the baby lambs at the farm, they were oh so cute and Poppy adored them she named the boy 'Shaun" and the girl "Emma". I am enjoying having a Nanny come one day a week where I can go and have some time on my own and be able to take Poppy to swimming with out that huge double pram! 

Here is another photo of Emma*, because she is to adorable not to...

*Every student in Poppy's kinder class gets a turn at taking Kinder Bear home for the week, and writing a diary entry on his adventures.
*Poppy is obsessed with the new yellow wiggle "Emma"

Joining in with the lovely Em at The Beetle Shack


  1. Oh Kinder Bear! We used to do that at the last Preschool I worked at! The kids thought it was the bees knees! I absolutely adore those biscuits! Have a lovely week Holli!

    Sophie xo


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