Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Click go the shears.

We pulled up to the buzz of the clippers the camp fires burning, a brand new lamb.

I had bought the children out to see what happens when the sheep get shorn, Rory and Alexis were more interested at 'woofing' at the sheep (no matter how many times I tell them they go "baaaa"), but Poppy loved watching the wool fall of the sheep, and as they came out of the shed looking fresh and clean. 

 She wondered why the sheep took their medicine on their back and  if she could too next time she was ill.

She wondered if it hurt when they had their "hair cut".

She wondered how many more lambs there would be tomorrow.

She wondered if she too could have soup and hot dogs with the shearers?

She wondered why the wool needed to be dried out before being pressed.

 She wondered how the wool turned pink and blue and green to make her woolly hats and clothes.

We sat in the sun and ate our morning tea before heading back home where I started to teach Poppy how to do some finger knitting. 

The perfect woolly activity to follow our woolly morning.


  1. Great photos, it looked like fun! Cute that the twins woofed instead of baaing, classic!

  2. What a fabulous day & experience for you all. Great photos.


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