Friday, July 19, 2013

Our wedding

I have been loving the hash tag #mybigfatinstagramwedding on Instagram at the moment, some of those 80's weddings are fantastic!! 
So I thought I would share my wedding story with you all here.

Tom and I got married two years ago while I was in the early stages of being pregnant with the twins. Being the hands on control freak that I am, I decided I (yes me, the bride) would cater for our guests and I made a buffet style meal for all 200+ guests!

Instead of an entrée our guests snacked on huge cheese wheels, that Tom and I had collected for the year before from all over our beautiful state, they sipped on champagne and a cocktails I had made up in large drink dispensers. 

For the main we had baked breads, roasted huge portions of beef, pork and chicken and made amazing salads like this, this and this.
I hired a cool room to keep the food and drink cool and a few young girls to do some serving. We borrowed all the dinner ware, cutlery and glasses from our local football club and our laid back guests served themselves.

We had our lovely cake (Made by Sally) for dessert and I made huge cookies to go with coffee.

I was probably the most laid back bride ever, my brides maids wore whatever they felt comfortable in and my cousin who had just finished his celebrant course married us.

We were married in the grounds of Brickendon homestead and had our reception across the road in one of their beautiful, huge old barns.

After having photos taken (I took props like, balloons, red sunnies, old bikes...) by the lovely Nicola,

Tom and I rode our vintage bikes into our reception, dragging tin cans and ribbons behind us.

 Poppy was upset so I carried her down the isle, dummy and all. 

 Teddy came along for the ride also. 

We were so lucky to have such a great group of friends and family to share our special day with.


  1. Holli - you are completely crazy and fucking brilliant all at once!! This looks like the most fun, what beautiful memories for you both. And yes, last night I laughed SO hard at all the taffeta and 80's weddings, and all the staring out into space wedding poses.. absolute gold! x

  2. I have been loving that hashtag too!

    That looks like such a gorgeous day!
    I absolutely love the photo of your coming down the aisle with Poppy and Teddy.

  3. Oh looks like your wedding was SO MUCH FUN! You should be a wedding plannner!

  4. Oh looks like your wedding was SO MUCH FUN! You should be a wedding plannner!

  5. What an awesome day and so personal! Those bikes! I love all but especially the very first photo! AND I can't believe catered for 200 people you crazy woman!! Am going to go and search the wedding hashtag now...


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