Monday, July 8, 2013

Saturday morning

We are so lucky to live in a state where we can be exploring the snow covered mountains one minute and collecting shells on the beach the next. 

After three days of rain and freezing cold winds from the snow covered mountains I took the tiny window of opportunity on Saturday morning to head off for the day, I google mapped the nearest beach and found that Beauty Point was only 40 minutes away, almost the perfect amount of time before my three get ants in their pants in the car. So I threw the kids in the car (and a change of clothes for everyone, snacks, toys, drinks, camera, jackets....) and headed off.

We discovered the beautiful old wharf and its fishing boats

We started (but left half way through due to my restless, noisy twins.) a tour at Seahorse World, It was very interesting and it would have been good for Poppy to explore the 'touching tank' but she thought it was great and didn't know there was such a thing as the touching tank so she was happy.

We then walked along the beach, collecting sea glass, shells and drift wood. Poppy talked about where the glass may have come from, China like the little boy in her class? Perhaps it travelled here on one of those large boats we had seen earlier?

We discovered a park at the end of the beach which looked like a paradise to the children but like hell to me, I knew getting them off the park and walking back to the car on my own* wouldn't be fun, and I was right, they did not want to leave that park, even after an hour,I had to carry the twins kicking and screaming, collapsing in the wet sand and boots flying in the air, but we finally got there and two minutes down the road they were asleep. (The ladies at the park must have thought I was crazy to venture out on my own.)

We travelled over the beautiful Batman Bridge and back home, but not before collecting the most gorgeous Proteas some lovely person had put outside their place with a 'free' sign. 

They are now sitting on our dining room table and every time I look at them I think how lovely it was of someone to put them out their long drive for people to collect, all that hard work, they were cut to the perfect length, ready just to pop in a vase or perhaps place a cutting for your garden? There were even plastic bags so you wouldn't have to put wet flowers in your car, a lot of thought had gone into that kind gesture, if only more people were so kind. 

Do you discover your local area?
Are you close to the mountains and the sea?
Do you leave goodies out for strangers to collect?

Perhaps we will head to the snow tomorrow?

Happy Days! 

*I was alone as Tommy works on Saturdays.

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