Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekly Stills

They bathed together after cold, wet plays outside.

He 'cooked' in the outdoor oven.

Rugged up farm visits were had.

She helped me bake.

The dolls house got some loving.

She found a hop scotch.

We had amazing roast veggie pizzas.

Pots cried out to be filled.

Practice practice practice, my sour dough is still not right.

She enjoyed a pony ride.

Honey and lemon cleared my husky voice.

Back to school this week, and Tommy worked away. My parents are gallivanting all over Australia, sending us photos so we can live vicariously through them. Life goes on, so we are collecting mail, collect eggs, feeding dogs and chooks, checking for baby lambs and just generally holding down the fort.

Another busy week ahead, but with the weather being so glum, its great to keep busy and wear the little ones out in the process!

Happy Sunday! x

Joinging in with Em and her Weekly Stills


  1. Beautiful photos...and I don't know about that looks pretty good to me!

  2. i agree, what the prob. with the sourdough? it looks so good. i love the lemons photo, it's like a still life of old. lovely x

    1. Still a bit dense in texture, But didn't stop us devouring it quiet quickly! x

  3. Hi there popping over from The Beetle Shack, a lovely collection of photos and the bread looks amazing!! Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  4. over from stills. you know you say your sourdough isn't perfect but from here l can not only see it, i can imagine the smell and taste and I'm hungry. x

  5. Your sourdough looks great. Have you tried slashing the top before baking?
    Have a wonderful {if busy} week.

  6. This is a wonderful collection of stills. It is the little activities that make up a beautiful life. Collecting chicken eggs, baking bread with your little helper and 'cooking' outside. Such sweet images.
    Bella x

  7. Your photos are beautiful. Your sourdough looks way, way, 100x better than mine does. I too am on a quest for the perfect sourdough!


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